Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Pattern Mug

As coffee & tea enthusiasts (read: addicts), we've been dying to try our hands at making our own cute mugs. We couldn't believe how easy (& cheap!) this process was. They turned out adorable, great for you & great as gifts!

You will need:

Plain white porcelain mug (we got ours at a local grocery store for less than $5)
Acrylic Paint Pen (ours is DecoColor from our local Michael's craft store)

and that's it!

How to:

1. Make sure the mug is clean & dry
2. Draw! 

This part was fun because you don't need to worry about being too clean & careful, we wanted a messy/handmade look! If you did want a more neat & tidy look, the mistake lines wipe off right after use. Otherwise, the ink is washable after it's dry! We wouldn't recommend washing in the dishwasher, but your mug should be safe for hand-washing. 


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