Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Personalized Painting

As regulars at our local thrift stores, we come across quite a few hideous, outdated paintings. For just a few bucks we decided to spruce one up a bit. 

For this DIY all you will need is a thrift store painting, some paint (we got one of the small bottles at Jo Ann Fabrics) and some letter stickers (also found at Jo Ann Fabrics).

How to:

1. Start with the ugly painting.

2. Stick on the letters. This part takes a bit of patients and precision. As you can see, we had neither and it came out a bit crooked.

3. Paint over the letters. We used a small sponge brush for accuracy

4. After it dries, peel off the letters.

Now, there is a disclaimer. After we peeled off the letters, it wasn't completely clean. We used a small brush to line the letters with a different color and that fixed it right up!

This project has endless possibilities, and we plan on experimenting more in the future!



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