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Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY Picture Frame Calendar

Keeping your busy schedules in order is important so you don't forget those coffee dates among work and school assignments. Instead of heading to the store to buy a boring paper calendar that will need replaced each year, make a cute, personalized calendar that will last forever!

You will need:

a set of dry erase markers (these are handy because they have the erasers attached)

a large picture frame (ours is 11 x 15, $7 from Wal Mart, pictured below)

and 7 paint swatches from any local paint store: 

the fun thing about this is you can choose any colors that match the color scheme of your room or office!

How to:

First, we used Windex on the picture frame to remove any smudges. 
Then, we attached all of the paint swatches with tape on the back so they do not move:

Next, place them in the picture frame, color side up, and close the back. 
Then, fill out the month and days with your dry erase markers:

and voila! You have a lovely customize-able calendar. Just erase each month when it's over and start over fresh. 

Have fun!



  1. what markers should I use? I just made one and used dry erase markers but they are not erasing properly :(.

    1. You should have a glass pane over the paper, don't write directly on the paper. It won't erase.

  2. Where did you find paint swatches that have 7 colors on them. The most I have found is 4.

    1. Lowes, usually. They have a small wall of paint swatches, organized by color and shade. :)

  3. Did you have to pay for the paint swatches?